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Bring hope and joy this Christmas to thousands of villagers!

This December, we will travel to all of our villages and deliver Christ’s love and hope to thousands of villagers! Last year, we were blessed to bring hundreds of children to Christ, gifted over 4000 toys, cups of hot chocolate, and holiday bread to every child following a Gospel skit and presentation by our team. We also gifted bags of

Help Us Fund the Last $3,000 Needed for Congreso XVIII

The numbers are in! We are expecting 70 villages and 2,800 villagers to attend our largest event of the year! Missions in the Amazon uses the Congreso as a catalyst and launching pad into our next year of ministry and with the great turnout we are expecting, we know God has great things in store for us in the next

The New & Improved Barge Is Completed & Cruising!

For those of you that have followed us routinely (or been on a trip with us over the last year), you’ve known that our old barge was sunk by a tropical storm (how sad!).  So after months and months of hard work and raising funds, we’ve finally completed the new and improved barge!  This barge comes fit with the ability

Yurimaguas League Champions 3 Years In A Row

That’s right, we did it again! Missions in the Amazon are the Yurimaguas League Champions for the 3rd year in a row! As an evangelistic outreach, Missions in the Amazon sponsors a soccer team that travels throughout the jungle and competes against all of the other villages. Our team consists of the best athletes of all of our churches, (so

3 Ways To Give Hope This Christmas

Have a little extra Christmas Spirit? Then give hope to a Peruvian villager this Christmas by donating to one of these three great initiatives. By even giving a small gift of $20 dollars, you will make a huge impact on a family’s life. Save a Village From Floods Construct a Bakery In San Pedro Provide Medical & Dental Care To

Field Report: TOMS Evangelistic Outreach

We are excited to tell you about our outreach that we have just returned from! In all, we visited over 60 villages and followed-up with every village that attended the Congreso! With a team of 12 leaders and youth, we traveled for 11 days visiting villages along the Marañon and Chambira rivers.  For our TOMS Evangelistic outreach, we developed 2

Field Report: XVI Congreso

We had another amazing Congreso this year in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon! In all, 76 new believers stood up to be water baptized in the Chambira River in front of the 1,864 conference attenders, from 56 villages. Our team of 72 was fantastic in every area of ministry: medical/dental clinic, children’s ministry, speakers/teachers, kitchen, and so much more.

Field Report: Santa Rosa Church Construction

Field Report: Santa Rosa Church Construction *We wanted to send out this report before we headed out to the Congreso in a few days!* For this mission, we had a team of 22 Americans with a diverse amount of gifts to assist the indigenous villagers of Santa Rosa in building their church. We had a wonderful time supplying them with

Worship Ministry Conferences 2015

Field Report: Worship Ministry Conferences 2015 For our 4th Annual Worship Ministry Conference, we divided up the conference into two separate gatherings because of our continued growth down the Maranon and Chambira rivers. This allowed our worship leaders and pastors to receive more focused attention and teaching, as well as a more convenient travel schedule. We had a wonderful time