Construct a Church Building and Bakery in San Pedro


June 14, 2016 – June 28, 2016

This past year, the village of San Pedro was lost to floods. Escaping to safety, all of the villagers fled across the river, and reestablished their village on safe ground. The congregation of San Pedro is one of our largest and most thriving churches, however, we must build a new church building and bakery to accommodate the community’s needs.

Currently, the church is gathering in the pastor’s house, which also serves as a community center for the entire village. The building of a new church will provide a beacon for which to evangelize and worship in, hold educational classes, and a place of refuge during storms. The $3,500 will pay for a steel roof, stage, cement floor, benches, and basic electricity.

With the addition of a bakery to the church building, the church instantly receives a new evangelism tool and consistent revenue source. The bakery provides an opportunity to financially support the families of the pastor and key leaders from the village. The bakery also ensures that there will be a food source for the villagers throughout the region regardless of the impact the floods have on the harvest each year.

Investment: $8,500 ($3,500 for the church, $5,000 for the bakery)