Medical & Dental Clinic


We are excited to announce our plans to build a medical clinic at our Mission Base in San Juan! Our vision to construct a clean and comfortable facility that will allow us to provide the best possible care to the villagers of the Amazon Jungle. By having our own clinic, we will be able to provide medical and dental care year-round, having the ability to perform surgeries, treat ailments, conduct routine examinations, and provide disease testing. Our goal is to complete all three phases of construction by August 2016.

Phase 1 – $5,000 – Exterior Walls & Ceiling, 1 Large Medical Exam Room and 1 Patient Waiting Room

Phase 2 $10,000 – Break Clinic up into 6 Specific Rooms: 2 for medical exams, 1 for dentist exams, 1 for medical supplies, 1 for malaria testing, and 1 for patient waiting room. Purchase medical and dental equipment.

Phase 3 – $10,000 – Air Conditioning (3 Units), Windows, Lights, Generator