Pastor and Leader Seminary Gatherings 2016


March, May, August, October 2016 – $3,500 for each gathering

Missions in the Amazon gathers the pastors and leaders of its churches together 4 times a year at various villages throughout the Amazon to be trained and mentored in 13 different areas. We believe that our ministry needs strong leaders that will direct their communities in a holistic way, focusing on meeting their needs physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We have constructed community centers in two villages, Maypuco and San Juan, dedicated to the development and direction of this ministry. The goal of these centers are to allow for continual grow to occur through the four day conferences, and throughout the year as they serve as schools for young children when not in use for the conferences. We are always looking for speakers from around the world to aid in the mentoring of these eager minds and can’t wait to see what God can do through these pastors and leaders!

Here are the 14 topics that we cover with the seminary curriculum:

The Holy Spirit
The Bible and books
Church History / Book of Acts
The Art of Teaching and Preaching
The Church and Disciples
Tabernacle of Moses and Typology
The Bible: How to read, study and interpretation, exegesis
Christology / Old and New Testaments (His essence, divinity, personality, attributes)
The Man and His Salvation: anthropology and soteriology
Angels and Demons, and Release

Community Development & Leadership (Covered at every gathering)