Family Ministry Crusade

From April 20th to April 27th, we traveled to the Nuevo San Juan village of the Chambira River.  We must thank God for we were blessed to also have the villagers from Concordia, Ollanta and San Juan join us for 2 days, Sunday and Monday.  We had a guest preacher, Sister Dina Cardenas, which preached from the morning into the night.  After preaching, Sister Cardenas joined Pastora Elvira and I in the rest of our activities.  We fed the participants of the crusade every day (our sister Marieta de Souza prepared the food for all of us and it was delicious). This event was a great satisfaction and joy for us because we saw the hand of God moving in a huge way and we were also able to hear the voice of God talking to us.  Thanks be to God for many people committed their lives to follow Jesus Christ and many families reconciled their faith. Looking around I saw the passion through the tears which were in the people’s eyes, and I knew I felt the presence of God with us.  The devotional day started at 5:00 a.m and ended at 11:00 a.m. Imagine! the Holy Spirit ministering to each person and they did not care about the time!  The most important thing for them was the blessing of God over our lives, families, and ministry.  It was a great time and for that we want to thank to all our dear brothers and sisters who were praying for this trip.  Thanks to the group of “Mission in the Amazon” who supported this trip and allowed us to have the food, gas, and other provisions.  Thanks also to the Bishop Elias Valles for the Cover that always goes with us and this gives us confidence to work and let us to be a blessing wherever we go!

God bless you all greatly,

Jorge and Elvira Montero