Adopt-A-Village Initiative Launches

You can play a vital role in the development and support of villagers throughout the Peruvian Amazon!

Since our inauguration in 2009, Missions in the Amazon has been devoted to developing and expanding the ministry of Jorge Montero and his team in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. Our shared vision to bring holistic transformation to the villages throughout the Loreto Region has united us and allowed the Spirit to work amongst our ministry in amazing ways! We have gained the respect and trust of the indigenous leaders by remaining committed to learning their culture as we humbly build on the strategy and foundation that Jorge started 26 years ago.

The Adopt-A-Village Initiative is the culmination of that shared ordained vision of Missions in the Amazon and the indigenous leaders of the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. By developing a self-sustaining program built around the hope and power of the local church, we will have the opportunity to liberate villagers’ hearts and minds of the restrictive value systems, beliefs, and practices of the region. Communities will be transformed and the lives of thousands of villagers will be impacted.

Our prayer is that over the next 5 years we would find 31 partners to adopt the 31 villages within our congregation.
Starting with the evangelistic efforts of indigenous leaders, the Adopt-A-Village Program is a 5 year, 4- stage process consisting of a Gospel, Foundation, Development, and Commissioning Stage. Once an indigenous leader has won a congregation for the Lord, a systematic discipleship process is created and a local church is established. The local church then becomes a beacon of hope to the surrounding community with a self-sustainable strategy to be implemented and released. Congregations and leaders will arise, and villages will be holistically transformed through the transcending power of God’s love and support from people like you!

I whole-heartedly believe that this is the vision by which we will fulfill the Great Commission throughout the Amazon and around the world. My hope is that you would prayerfully consider this amazing opportunity to expand God’s reach into the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

May you be blessed as you pursue God’s calling on your life!