Reaching the Unreached!

February 18, 2015

Last week, Jorge and a team of 17 Peruvian missionaries embarked on a mission to explore several rivers that Missions in the Amazon has yet to reach. Our goal is to spread the Good News of the Gospel, establish relationships with villagers, and answer a distress call from the Ushpayacu villagers that are enduring a malaria outbreak. What follows is a prayer request and report from Jorge: 

Hello Missions in the Amazon Supporters!

In this time I want to inform you about the programmed mission trip for February. It is an exploration trip, where we are going to visit places that we have not been before. We will travel by the Marañon River to reach the Pastaza River. There are many civilized villages, including the Achuar natives, which we hope to establish a relationship with. However, our goal is to reach the Ushpayacu village, which is an unreached people group that sent correspondence to me after a malaria outbreak this past fall. We are very excited for this trip where 7 of our pastors from established churches will come with us and several young people who will work with children. We have purchased our own microscope and the tests and medicines that combat malaria. We will also have a sister come with us, who is a scientist, and she will do the exams of blood for the malaria. We have bibles and materials to work with children. Please pray for us, as the villages where we are visiting are very vulnerable and cautious to outsiders. We pray that we will be a blessing to the villages by preaching the word of God and by administering testing and treatment of the malaria.

Thank you for your prayers and your offerings, which allow to reach far places. I am so thankful to God for all of you, my dear brothers and friends, we love you so much.

Jorge y Elvira Montero