With the catastrophic natural disasters of 2017 in the United States, Missions in the Amazon’s funding has taken a major hit. With donors reallocated their funds to Houston, Puerto Rico, and Florida, we are doing our best to find new donors that both want to join us in our vision, and make good on commitments that we have made to the villagers. This is why we have set the audacious goal of $50,000 for this year’s #GIVINGTUESDAY. By donating to this initiative, you will join us in our mission that provides for the poor, empowers the orphans, cares for the widow, the brings a family and truth to the forgotten. Once you have donated, we will contact you and pair you up with one of our 2017 projects that is aligned with you and your family’s heart, so that together, we can link arms and change the world for good! (To name just a few of our projects, we plan to build several bakeries, community centers, and churches, provide relief and hope for families that lose everything because of flooding, gift Bibles and Christmas presents, and host 8 different seminars and conferences that will aid in developing sustainable communities for over 8,000 villagers in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle!)

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