Authentic Experience


Missions in the Amazon believes that we are all called to use our gifts to change the world. Whether it be through evangelism, service, generosity, healing, teaching, hospitality or any other unique gifts that you may be blessed with, each individual has a responsibility to impact the world around them in their own way. That is why we feel that by giving everyone the opportunity to have an authentic experience and utilize their gifts in the Peruvian Amazon, both the villagers and the missionary can be blessed. And when we say authentic, we really mean it!  People that commit their time to work alongside us will experience an unaltered, indigenous adventure that will expose them to what the lives of the Peruvian Amazon villagers really looks like.

We also have the conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to experience a counter-cultural environment, regardless of how blessed they are financially. With this in mind, we require only the bare minimum in costs, so that as many people as possible can see for themselves the work that we are doing. From there, a trip participant can decide if they would like to support our ministry financially or simply choose to impact another part of the world with their resources. We treasure donations and definitely need support, but we also know that the Lord will provide. So with that understanding, we work tireless to provide the most authentic experience possible for everyone that joins us in ministry, and trust in God to allow us to continue doing ministry in this unique way!