This is our largest event of the year and we’d love to have you join us! We invite our entire congregation to this event and are planning for 60 villages and 2,500 villagers in 2016! This is truly a unique event that is unmatched throughout the world. Each village in our congregation travels days on end to be a part of the four day conference. There are programs for adults, youth, and children all day, as well as a medical clinic which is opened throughout. All of the villagers are provided three meals a day, worship and fellowship together, and receive teaching from pastors and leaders from around the world. This past year there were 56 tribes and 2300 villagers that participated. Over 100 people accepted Christ and 76 people were baptized. In the clinic over 400 people were treated.

Specific Needs ($900 per participant)

Medical Practitioners & Dentists: We are in need of qualified medical practitioners to run the clinic (preferably physicians, but can be nurses and other medical specialists). We would also love a dentist to help with the vast amount of cases within the jungle.

Speakers: We are always looking for speakers that have a burden for the growth and development of our villagers! Whether God has laid a specific burden on your heart, or you are open to speaking on a specific topic that we have been trying to instill in our congregation, then let us know and we can discuss what God may have in our future together!
Trip Participants: We would love to have teams come down and join us for the Congreso. We will work with team leaders to plug their team members into the ideal ministry and make them a valuable piece of the Congreso! Some of the opportunities include helping us set up and prepare San Juan for the Congreso, fellowshipping with the villagers, leading youth and children’s programs, and working with the medical clinic.

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