Seminars & Conferences

Seminary Gatherings

Every year, we have 4 seminary gatherings that develop our pastors and leaders in 14 different discipleship areas.

Since our organization was founded, one of our passions was to develop and commission villagers from within their own communities to bring about restoration. In order to accomplish this vision, we knew that we would have to strategically develop a system that would allow us to frequently meet with and train our leaders. So in 2010, we started our seminary program.  We meet 4 times a year for 4 days at a time, meeting in different locations throughout the jungle. This allows our pastors to only have to travel long distances once or twice, as the other 2 gatherings are usually closer to their home village. We focus on 1-2 Discipleship Areas per gathering, so a pastor going through the seminary will complete the curriculum after 3 years. This allows us to have a leader join at any time, and continue on their path of discipleship and training! The reason we have 4 gatherings each year (as opposed to a large block of time), is because our pastors are often the primary provider for their family, as well as their community, and cannot be gone from their families for long chunks of time. Our normal schedule is to have the seminary gatherings in March, May, August, and October.

Discipleship Areas

  1. The Holy Spirit
  2. The Bible and books
  3. Church History/Book of Acts
  4. The Art of Teaching and Preaching
  5. The Church and Disciples
  6. Gospels
  7. Tabernacle of Moses and Typology
  8. The Bible: How to read, study and interpretation, exegesis
  9. Eschatology
  10. Apologetics
  11. Christology/Old and New Testaments (His essence, divinity, personality, attributes)
  12. The Man and His Salvation: Anthropology and Soteriology
  13. Angels and Demons, and Release
  14. Community Development and Leadership (Addressed at every gathering)

Ministry-Specific Conferences

Every year, we also have 4 ministry-specific conferences that are open to any pastor, leader, or villager that is interested in attending the conference.

We started implementing our conference rotation after we started seeing congregation members interested in taking volunteer roles in their church. With 33 villages and over 6000 villagers in our congregation, we know that we can’t assist every leader with ongoing development, so we developed this strategy that is aimed at developing and equipping our congregation with the skills needed to lead their families and communities! This also provides a great opportunity for leadership development amongst the pastors and their fellow villagers.

  1. Youth and Marriage – January and/or February
  2. Children’s Ministry – March
  3. Women’s Ministry– May
  4. Worship Ministry – Late June

Specific Needs

For the 4 Seminary Gatherings and 4 Ministry-Specific Conferences throughout the year (see our current initiatives), we are looking for accomplished speakers that have a heart for mentoring, preaching, and/or teaching the villagers of the Amazon Jungle in the specific ministry areas.