Christmas Toys Ministry

Over the period of a week and a half, we travel to all of our villages and deliver Christ’s love and hope to thousands of villagers! Last year, we gifted over 3500 toys, cups of hot chocolate, and holiday bread to every child following a Gospel skit and presentation by our team. We also gifted bags of rice, vegetable oil, spaghetti, radishes, fruit, potatoes, and sugar to each family. Each year, we will have a similar program that includes a small gift that will allow us to show love to the villagers, while focusing on building long-lasting relationships.

Christmas Toys Ministry Fun Facts

The Christmas Toys ministry is our 2nd largest evangelist outreach of the year, and serves as a next step to the Congreso. We promise to visit every village that attends the Congreso that following December. By visiting each village, it serves multiple purposes that allow for our organization to continue to grow in a huge way.

First, the gift of toys following the Gospel program, instills hope, love, and security inside of children and their families that often have very little exposure to any of those feelings.

Next, the connections that we make provide a glimpse of the network that our organization provides. To have a network of villages that work together in support of one another is a very foreign concept in 3rd world countries, and we are proud to reveal that to villages that are just discovering our organization.

Finally, the Christmas Toys Ministry offers a long-term relationship with our organization. Through the relationships that we make through the Christmas Toys Minsitry, we invite key leaders of the village to attend our seminary and conference gatherings throughout the year, and also exchange key contact information in case there are natural disasters or other needs that arise in the village. These key contacts that we make through this ministry have proven very providential in the work that we are accomplishing in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and we can’t wait to see where God takes us next!

Christmas Toys Ministry Photo Gallery