Adopt-A-Village Initiative

Since our inauguration in 2009, Missions in the Amazon has been devoted to developing and expanding the ministry of Jorge Montero and his team in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. Our shared vision to bring holistic transformation to the villages throughout the Loreto Region has united us and allowed the Spirit to work amongst our ministry in amazing ways! We have gained the respect and trust of the indigenous leaders by remaining committed to learning their culture as we humbly build on the strategy and foundation that Jorge started 26 years ago.

The Adopt-A-Village Initiative is the culmination of that shared ordained vision of Missions in the Amazon and the indigenous leaders of the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. By developing a self-sustaining program built around the hope and power of the local church, we will have the opportunity to liberate villagers’ hearts and minds of the restrictive value systems, beliefs, and practices of the region. Communities will be transformed and the lives of thousands of villagers will be impacted.

Our prayer is that we would find 33 partners to adopt the 33 villages within our congregation.

Starting with the evangelistic efforts of indigenous leaders, the Adopt-A-Village Program is a 5 year, 4-stage process consisting of a Gospel, Foundation, Development, and Commissioning Stage. Once an indigenous leader has won a congregation for the Lord, a systematic discipleship process is created and a local church is established. The local church then becomes a beacon of hope to the surrounding community with a self-sustainable strategy to be implemented and released. Congregations and leaders will arise, and villages will be holistically transformed through the transcending power of God’s love and support from people like you!

Gospel Stage


Boat & Motor for Pastor

Investment: $2,000

Providing a boat and motor for the pastor will allow the pastor and congregation to travel to the seminary and congregational gatherings throughout the 5 years. The boat will also help to provide stability for the family of the pastor as they trade and harvest natural resources around the village. Lastly, the boat will allow relationships to develop with the surrounding villages.


Leadership Development

Investment: $5000 ($1000/year)

Each year, we will have 4 seminary gatherings in strategic villages throughout the Amazon. The investment will allow the pastor and key leaders from the village to travel to the gatherings over a period of 3 years, while sustaining their families until the bakery and community center are established. The seminary’s curriculum will consist of 14 courses based in systematic theology, discipleship practices, and community development.

Foundational Stage


Worship Structure

Investment: $5,000

As church plants are started, they will gather in the pastor’s house as they pursue their goal of growing the congregation to 20 families. And while a worship structure is not a necessity, it provides a beacon for which to evangelize and worship in, hold educational classes, and a place of refuge during storms. The $5,000 will pay for a steel roof, stage, cement floor, benches, and basic electricity.


Generator, Speakers, and Instruments

Investment: $3,000

As the congregation continues to grow, the addition of a generator, speaker system, and musical instruments helps to further expand the impact of a local church. The generator provides opportunities to hold special services at night, village meetings, and appealing worship services. These additions will also create intrigue throughout the jungle, as villagers passing by and neighboring villages can hear the worship.

Development Stage


Community Center Building

Investment: $3,000

Our sustainability model is dependent upon a solid foundation in leadership, community, and economic development. The expansion of the pastor’s house into a community center establishes a catalytic gathering place for the entire village to receive many developmental resources.


Sustainable Business Model

Investment: $5,000

As our villages progress through our Adopt-A-Village Program, we conduct research and evaluate the factors that will lead to a successful sustainable business model. Once we establish the business, it serves as a new evangelism tool in the community, a revenue source for the church, and a financial supporter of the families of the pastor and key leaders from the village. We currently have villages operating with bakeries, a rice factory, hatcheries, and boat building businesses.


Water Treatment Facility

Investment: $3,000

With new innovations in technology, there are pumps, tanks, and purifiers that will better serve the specific needs of the villages. Once a village has clean water, it allows for disease to be eliminated and for the church to serve as an educational center for clean water and health.


Medical Supply Outpost

Investment: $1,500

We have strategically placed medical clinics throughout the region for times of great need. We do, however, desire to provide basic medical supplies and equipment to resource the community centers and care for the villagers needs.


Vocational Training

Investment: $2,500

A community center will serve as a beacon of hope for villagers as they receive vocational and educational training from key leaders in the church. The skills learned will dramatically affect the futures of the families throughout the village!

Commissioning Stage


Continued Leadership Development and Resourcing

Investment: $1,000

As the church is built up and the community center is established, a core group of leaders will arise with a shared mission to take the Gospel deeper into the jungle! It is vital that these leaders have the necessary support and encouragement to develop a foundation that will allow them to be the mentors, trainers, and pastors that God created them to be. These new leaders will also allow our current pastors to expand their reach further into the jungle and surrounding communities.