The Language

The principle language of the Peruvian Amazon is Spanish. Many of the villages have their own dialect, but with the modernization of many of the tribes, Spanish has spread throughout. We do not consider it a necessity to know Spanish because we have volunteer translators, as well as Jorge, to help accommodate language barrier. Also, there are opportunities to take Spanish classes if a missionary would so desire to take them while in Peru.


Seasons are more or less opposite of those in the US. The rainy season is usually that of the Fall & Winter months (70 – 80° F) and the Summer is more temperate (80-90° F).

Local Diet

The most common foods eaten are chicken, fish, rice, & potatoes. Platanos (a member of the banana family) are also a common treat.


The Peruvian Amazon Rainforest is home to many of the world’s most exotic animals and landscapes.