Field Report: TOMS Evangelistic Outreach

We are excited to tell you about our outreach that we have just returned from! In all, we visited over 60 villages and followed-up with every village that attended the Congreso!

With a team of 12 leaders and youth, we traveled for 11 days visiting villages along the Marañon and Chambira rivers.  For our TOMS Evangelistic outreach, we developed 2 strategic programs:

The 1st program consisted of performing presentations from our new Children’s Ministry curriculum that we will be implementing across our congregation next month at our next Seminary Gathering. Following the close of the program, we gave out certificates to celebrate the potential within the children to become the next generation of leaders inside of our ministry. We then gave out New Testaments designed especially for adolescents. In all, we gave out 1,200 copies of the New Testament to children throughout the jungle!

At the seminary gathering next month, our team will be mentoring and training the Children’s Ministry leaders and pastors and providing them with content to utilize over the next year. The new discipleship curriculum that we developed is targeted at children ages 7 to 14, an age group that is susceptible to the dangers of a culture where children are being asked to join the military or are being wooed by surrounding cities in search of a prosperous future that is rarely achievable. Our hope is that we are able to instill a mentality of purpose and love inside the children, while connecting them with a life where they can utilize their God-given gifts and see all the opportunities around them in their village.

The 2nd program consisted of gifting TOMS shoes to children from 1 to 11 years old. We were so blessed by the TOMS company, who donated every pair of shoes with no strings attached! In total, we were able to give out 2,800 pairs of TOMS to children throughout the jungle!

During our outreach, we had reunions in the village churches at night, ministering and praying for our brothers and providing encouragement to live a life different from the surrounding culture. Many adult brothers and sisters consecrated their lives to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and many people accepted to Jesus in their hearts. To our joy, there were many children who decided in their hearts to follow Jesus. We also had the privilege of baptizing many villagers in the village of Santa Teresa.

With it being the summer, the rivers were very low and we could only travel during the day. We thank God for our safe travels and thank all of our brothers and sisters who were praying for us and supporting us financially. Without you, this trip wouldn’t have been possible!


Jorge Montero Torres


Missions in the Amazon – Perú.