Coronavirus Aid and Prayers

We ask that you please pray for all of our villagers during this challenging season. We need and value your prayers, donations, and support and will keep you updated on our new ministry strategies in the weeks to come. Update as of 3/26/2020 – Because of the quarantine in Iquitos, we have been kept from visiting our villages, and inflation has caused the price of food and resources to skyrocket. There is also no opportunity to sell the products that the villagers produce on a daily basis because the public transportation has stopped. We have been in daily conversation with all of our pastors and leaders via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and phone calls, and we are developing strategies to come to the aid of our villages when the quarantine is scheduled to be halted on March 30th. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Updates will be coming shortly! Please Comment or message us directly if you’d like to help! #HopeinthemidstofCoronavirus #PowerinPrayer