Be A Catalyst To Our Strategic Vision…by helping us build a community center and bakery in Concordia

In September, we began laying the foundation for a community center and bakery in one of the most strategic villages in our ministry, Concordia. The process consists of building a facility that will house the bakery, brick-laying and formation of the actual oven, and then complimenting the facility with a motor, cooking tools and resources, and a gathering place for the community to gather and sell the product. We have now built the roof and planted the foundation beams, and begun the brick-laying process of the oven. Would you help to make our dream a reality and build this beacon of hope and commerce in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon? Our goal is to raise $5,000 to complete this vision!

Some background information on Concordia and the initiative.

Concordia has been one of the most strategic and stable villages in our ministry over the past 15 years of ministry. With its location being one of its assets, it sits at the intersection point of the Chambira and Maranon Rivers. This location has allowed the village to be one of the top harvesters of fish in the region (as fish travel downstream from the Chambira and towards the Amazon), and serves as a critical resting point for villagers traveling up and down the Maranon River.

Up until recently, the fish harvest was adequate enough to support the economy of the church and community in Concordia. However, as oil spills devastated the region and flood waters diverted key fishing grounds, the need to grow and expand the village’s economic base has arisen. Our vision, is that with the addition of a community center and bakery being built adjacent to the church building, the church will instantly have a new evangelism tool and consistent revenue source for the families of the pastor and key leaders from the village. The bakery will serve as a gathering place for the entire community and also ensure that there will be a food source for the villagers throughout the region regardless of the impact the floods have on the harvest each year.

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