Christmas Toys 2009

Christmas Toy Ministry December 2009

Hi everyone! We have just retured from a trip of 8 days as we traveled to give the gifts from Christmas time around the Peruvian Amazon, and we went to visit 22 villages where we gave the gifts.  It was an unforgettable experience to see the happiness of the children and many of them were waiting to us 2 weeks ago, it was a God’s time with them because we could pray for each child, thank you very much to you all who supported to buy the gifts , we are sincerely thankful to all the people that bought the gifts, my wife and  I and all the ministry are very thankful for your support, it was a huge support because with the donations we could get the 2000 gifts, we took our boats to get every village and we went very early to get to all the villages, thank you , thank you very much, God bless you all who support Missions in the Amazon.  We continue in front of the work that God sent us to do and thank the Lord for putting you all in our way to do together the work that we believe that God made his work in this times.

Thank you very much.


Jorge Montero