Children’s Outreach Ministry

Hello all of our friends,

Thank you very much for your prayers, they were a great blessing for our trip and we knew the Almighty God was always with us, rewarding us with blessings at all times.  This past Wednesday, January 27th, we returned from our trip to the jungle after 17 days of visiting many towns and encouraging many people throughout the Amazon Rainforest.  We spent our time praying for the sick and many young people accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts!

We left Iquitos on January 10th with my two children Grace and Eliezar and a group of young people from our church of Iquitos, Remenente de Dios.  On our way we into the jungle, we picked up young people from 7 villages, which completed our 35 people ministry and we all traveled by boat with the sole purpose of proclaiming the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Our children Grace and Eliezar taught dance to all of the children and it was wonderful seeing all the young people of the Amazon practice for the first time and with great gusto and enthusiasm and then perform for 15 days with the children in the villages as their instrument of evangelism in their villages.

This trip was very special because we traveled on a boat “Eduardo” and traveled 25 hours and from there to our boat “Huey,” which transported all of us from San Juan throughout the jungle and then returned home to Iquitos on the boat “Edward.”  We thank all who prayed for us, we had some difficulties with our funding and our fuel was exhausted after 13 days, but all the young people still wanted to continue and so we got together to plan for our food and how to get enough gasoline to get home.  It was amazing how we felt God’s hand moving in our favor to make His presence felt through the children and reassured us that he was in control of all things.  We are very grateful to the ‘Man of the Jungle’ Tim and our friend Britt Pamphrey, and we pray that our God will bless you greatly.

Thanks to all our friends who are praying for us, we would appreciate having you in the jungle one day to travel and meet people who work and are apart of our missions, we are always waiting for you!

God bless you all greatly,

Jorge Montero