2012 Flooding Posts

June 2012

In our Eyewitness Trip, we were able to visit 15 of our 31 villages and access the damage from the recent floods. The floods were 11 meters above their normal average, and was the worst flooding in over 40 years. In all, nearly every crop field (rice, beans, and fruit) was destroyed and many of their homes and churches were severely damaged. Now disease and hunger are dominating the region, and all of the villagers are looking to Missions in the Amazon for hope and provision. Please take some time to look through the following pictures and allow the remarkable joy and beauty of the villagers (despite their situation) to impact you!


April 13, 2012

A letter from the field from long-term intern:

Hey Jason, I´m sending an update to you about the current flooding right now. Unfortunately, the flooding is getting much worse. I searched Google, and I found a couple of news articles and blogs about the flooding that is happening right now. It is no longer just the village that are affected, Iquitos is now affected too. On April 6th, the officials in the government declared Iquitos in a state of emergency because of the flooding. Not only that, but some of the sewers are starting to back up into the streets in Iquitos because there´s no where else for the water to go. In fact, just 2 blocks from Jorge´s house, on Putumayo street, the street is completely backed up and flooded with very stagnant, smelly water. This is bad because it can now become a breeding ground for many more mosquitos and could increase the danger for Malaria and Dengue Fever for the people living in Iquitos. I am sending you the links to the articles, maybe you could send out this information in your newsletter and potentially get more people to donate for food and blankets that Jorge wants to buy and give to the people. We are leaving for Maypuco on the 23rd of April, so we have until then to raise more money.   – Jarod Weseloh


March 8, 2012

Please Pray! and consider providing support for the villagers! The floods are destroying homes, crops, and making it very difficult to fish and find food. Thousands of villagers are starving and dealing with disease as they are without homes, clothing, or transportation.