Field Report: Eyewitness Trip – June 2013

On June 6, a group of 15 missionaries set out for an adventure of a lifetime!  Our mission was to share God’s love with villagers throughout the Amazon Jungle and construct a worship structure for the church in Monterrico. We also had the awesome opportunity to take the maiden mission voyage of the Agua Vivas which was completed in May!

As part of our sustainable ministry model, we build worship structures for pastors when their congregations reach 20 families. Pastor Cirilo Aspajo Catashunga and his church in Monterrico hit that threshold this past year. Because of generous donations from people like you, we were able to purchase the supplies for the worship structure and our Eyewitness Trip team completed the construction in just two days.

To mark the occasion, we held two amazing inauguration services. Families traveled from nine surrounding villages to celebrate in the services where almost 140 villagers attended and over 70 of them committed their lives to Jesus! Monterrico is the farthest village from Iquitos and it will serve as a strategic base to send new missionaries down the river and allow for the fostering relationships with the surrounding communities!

Hear one participant’s experience in his own words:


I was really blessed to be on this trip with you. I took a lot away from this trip, and I’ve enjoyed giving my testimony of how God impacted my life to multiple people already. After thinking back the things that impacted me the most was:

  1. The fellowship with believers and the ministry to each other, for example I’ve never met anybody with the spiritual gift of healing and talking with Ike (another team member) about how the spirit works was very impactful to me and reminded me a lot that God is a lot bigger than I am, and the spirit more powerful than I tend to give him credit for
  2. The solitude given by the stars at night was amazing. When I need a quiet place to retreat to I just generally think back to the times where the stars were clear and the water calm.
  3. The inaugural church service was amazing and the opportunity to talk was a blessing. But also the work Missions in the Amazon does for 60 or 70 people to come to the Lord was a reminder that it takes work, it takes prayer, and it takes a willing heart to reach people who have not heard the Gospel. I have a lot more respect and appreciation for the work missionaries do than before I left, but I’m so encouraged as well.
  4. The interaction with the people was a blessing as well. Even though I only knew three words of Spanish, the people were sweet, kind, and a blessing to be around.
  5. Honestly you know that feeling you get when you get back from church camp in high school…that is totally where I am at right now. Being away from the distractions was amazing and I honestly hope God calls me away again relatively soon…

In summary, I had a really really awesome time. Can’t wait to go back to Peru, or wherever God calls me to next.

Aaron Friesen

Eyewitness Trip Missionary