October Update & Mission Base Vision!

We’re happy to give you a report from the jungle from Jorge on this weekly update:

My mission trip in October.

We traveled throughout the jungle from October 1st to 21st , we had a good time there, thanks to God.

We were with 14 pastors in the anniversary of the church of Monterrico in order to have a time of fasting. Our time of prayer and fasting started at 6:00 am in the morning and it finished at 5:00 pm in the afternoon. It was a great time where we could hear each pastor sharing a portion of the word of God and pray for their needs and projects.

Later we traveled in our mission barge by the Chambira river in order to take the cut wood/lumber out to begin the construction of the Mission House, the Library for the children, and the Lodge in the San Juan village of the Chambira river. The work was very hard because we had to go deep into the jungle to get the lumber. From there, we had to carry them out on our shoulders and transport them on our mission barge “Aguas Vivas.” The work was made in several days, our work team were 15 people.

Thank all of you who are praying for us and also for your offerings.

Jorge y Elvira

If you would like to get involved with our construction projects in San Juan, please message us back and we will give you more information. Our goal is to rebuild the Mission House by August of 2014 (the previous Mission House collapsed due to floods a couple months ago). Our goal is to raise $45,000 (which will pay for living quarters and meeting rooms for 100 missionaries, a full kitchen, 10 bathrooms/showers, and a Community Bazaar).

Lastly, Indian Creek Community Church – Olathe Campus is continuing their partnership with the village of San Juan by building a Library and a Lodge for the villagers of the San Juan and the rest of the congregation (more details to follow).