Give a last minute gift of hope!

Hello everyone! Your last minute gifts can make a lasting impact on hundreds of villagers’ lives. It is still not too late to give a gift this year…take a look at some of these awesome opportunities that can make an impact for the Kingdom, and reveal Christ’s love to villagers in need:

$2 Gives a toy (with batteries) to a villager during our Christmas Toys ministry.

$150 allows a pastor and his family to travel to all four of our seminary gatherings throughout the year.

$1500 provides enough medicine to serve a complete region of the jungle for a year through one of our medical supply outposts.

$2000 buys a boat and a motor for the pastor, and the entire congregation, to use to travel to the Congreso and other ministry conferences.

$3500 builds a community center that can be the central meeting place and development center for an entire village.

$4500 builds a bakery that provides a sustainable food source and income for an entire church

$5000 builds a church that can be a beacon of hope for an entire community in the heart of the jungle.

Thank you so much for your prayers and consideration of these opportunities.